Dew to lack of time I have not been attentive to my blog, sorry !

I have found a new job which hopefully you give me set day’s off.

  Now , hopefully I can spend sometime well needed polishing up my blogging skills.

I will be work on improving photography skill set as well, wish I had a better camera.

I guess this lil point and shoot will have to work for now until I can afford a better one.

anyone willing to donate any used or new camera unwanted photography equipment it will surly be appreciated.

I will also be selling cakes, pies, breads and varies bake good’s to go with lunch special’s on Mondays and Tuesday’s

I will be posting photographs with prices.

orders must be place one week in advance.

Thank you and have a Bless day.

   CAM01640 CAM01642 CAM01644

Cucumber raita

Cucumber                     8 oz.

Plain yogurt                   1 pt.

Salt                                 1 tsp.

Pepper                           1 tsp

Cayenne                         ¼ tsp.

Cumin                             ½ tsp.

Peel, seed and grate cucumber

Whip yogurt until smooth

Fold in all ingredients well

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