Chili 4 the winter!!!!!!!


May these few ingredients add warmth to those who are in the cold

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Mexican chili

There has been extremely bad weather across the nation  these past few days. From being snowed in to power outages, well lets see what we can eat to kept our mind off the days worries. This turkey chili is sure to warm the soul and satisfy the spicy cravens of your palette.  you will need:

Ground meat                3 pd

onion                         1 lg   dice

garlic cloves                     5

red kidney beans                           2 cps

tomatoes                  8   still on vine medium size

chili powder   2 tbsp

cayenne pepper   1 tsp

crushed red pepper flakes       1 tbsp

bay leaves   4

thyme       6 springs

California chili     dried                     3

green sweet pepper  1 lg  chop

salt and pepper to taste

soak beans over night.

in large skillet brown meat then drain of all juices and oils using a little less than half of seasoning, season meat and set aside.

in large pot  put 3 cps of water add beans and two of the California chilies to pot let boil for about 1 1/2 hrs or until is water

reduce by half.

drain all except for about 1 cp of liquid then add meat and  rest of the ingredients stir gently to mix well

reduce heat to very low gentle simmer 2 1/2 hours

this dish can be served with corn bread, tortillas or rice. can also be enjoyed simply as a soup with crackers and cheese on top.

stay warm and good eats………..coming soon recipe for corn bread and Mexican rice.

About Chef Lloyd Copeland
Loves to cook Loves to create Culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu

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