Conch Creole

380This is one of my favored conch dishes from my home in the Bahamas. 

butter              1 oz

conch             1 lb

onion               3 oz

green bell pepper  1 oz dice

celery             1 oz dice

scallion            1 oz  thin slice

garlic cloves    2 chopped

flour                 1 1/2 tbsp

water or fish stock  6 fl oz

thyme          fresh     3 steams

cayenne pepper        1/4 tsp

black pepper            pinch

parsley               fresh   1 tbsp

salt to taste

in saute pan over medium heat sweet onion,green pepper,celery,scallions,and garlic until soft.

stir in flour. cook until light brown careful not to burn.

slowly add water or stock while stirring until is starts to thicken.

add conch, thyme,cayenne and black pepper simmer 3-4 min or until conch is tender.


About Chef Lloyd Copeland
Loves to cook Loves to create Culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu

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