School Violence


Nonfatal Victimization

• In 2006, there were 29 violent crimes at school per 1,000 students.1 This included rape, both sexual and aggravated assault, and robbery. • In 2007, about 32% of students reported being bullied during the school year.1• About 4% of students reported being cyber-bullied in 2007.1• Children who bully are more likely to get into fights, vandalize property, skip school, and drop out of school.4Violent Deaths• Violent deaths at schools accounted for less than 1% of the homicides and suicides among children ages 5-18.6, 7 • During the past seven years, 116 students were killed in 109 separate incidents—an average of 16.5 student homicides each year.7• Rates of school-associated student homicides decreased between 1992 and 2006. However, they have remained relatively stable in recent years. Rates were significantly higher for males, students in secondary schools, and students in central cities.7• Most school-associated violent deaths occur during transition times—before and after the school day and during lunch.5• Violent deaths are more likely to occur at the start of each semester.8• Nearly 50% of homicide perpetrators gave some type of warning signal, including making a threat or leaving a note, prior to the event.


Cultural Diversity

Some people have a fear of being alone so they find it hard or make it impossible for them to leave relationships where they are being abused. Most of them come from homes where they saw abuse or were abused when they were young. In the past there wasn’t any laws in place for domestic violence which made it nearly impossible to get help. Just recently thye have passed laws and created organization to help victims of domestic violence get help.

Cultural & Diversity

Liberterians want to eleminate OSHA (Occupational Saftey & Health Admin) we would not be able to live saftely with out OSHA. After all who will inspect new construction project to make sure they are up to standards. In states like Florida we need these inspections cause we have hurricanes and need the buildings to be strong enuf to with stand gail force winds.

Culture & Diversity

chapter 11


Segregation is still around in our society today in many forms one being self segregation . We can see this in everyday life in every way . When you are at work on lunch break look at how different ethnic groups eat their lunch together. Also how we separate ourselves to go party at clubs. How and where we live is also selfs segregated in having mostly white communities , black communities, and hispanic communities.

Culture & Diversity

Chaptr 9 Global Stratification:

The Role of Rich Nations

1 Controlling population:
Rising population can overtake economic advances,the poorest societies have the largest population growth. By exporting birth control technology and promoting its use rich nations can help limit population growth.

Providing foreing aid:

By providing help in area like farm and building rich nation can help to develope a poor nation and hopefully bring them out of poverty.

Culture & Diveristy

Chapter 7 Deviance:

Race and Ethnicity

Both race and ethnicity are strongly linked to crime rates, alough the reason are many and complex. Official stats indicate that 69.7 % of arrests for index crimes in 2006 involved white people . Howevery, arrests of African Americans are higher in proportion to their share of the general population. African Americans make up 12.3 % of the population of the United States but account for 29.4% of the arrests for property crimes(versus 68.2 % for whites) and 39.9% of arrests for violent crimes (versus58.5 % for whites)(Federal Bureau of Investgation,2007)
I feel this is because the officers doing the arrests of the African Americans are mostly white.

Culture & Diversity

Sexual Violence: Date Rape

Its a common misunderstanding that rape is carried out by strangers this howevery is not true. Two thirds of all rapes involve people who know each other. Although rape is a physical attack, is also leaves emotional and psychological scars. One recent study found that about 20 % of a sample of high school girls in the United States reported being victims of sexual or physical violence inflicted by the boys they were dating(Dickinson,2001)

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